Scrap metal Wembley

Scrap metal is a problematic piece of waste that may be quite difficult to dispose of properly. It doesn’t count as regular waste, so it can’t really be thrown out like most types of garbage, with many regulations in place dictating how it should be removed in a sustainable manner. Trans Metal offers some of the most reliable scrap metal collection services in the city, offering some of the best rates for all your scrap metal, while also ensuring that all of the scrap is recycled and disposed of in a safe, eco-friendly manner. With our scrap collection services, you can rest assured knowing you’ve received great value for your waste.


If you’re located in Wembley, you can count on Trans Metal to provide you with the very best scrap metal collection services available in the city. Located in the London Borough of Brent, Wembley is most well known for the Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium. All residents of Wembley can be certain that they have access to the best scrap metal collection services available thanks to Trans Metal.

Prices in Wembley

Copper£3.40 – £4.40 / kg
Aluminium£0.50 – £1.20 / kg
Lead£0.70 – £1.20 / kg
Brass£2.00 – £2.70 / kg
Cables£0.90 – £2.50 / kg
Car batteries£0.30 – £0.40 / kg
Stainless steel£0.50 – £1.00 / kg


A lot of scrap metal can be reused in construction, manufacturing, furniture, as well as in order to produce new, stronger metals. By properly disposing of your aluminium, copper, brass, steel, iron, etc., you can help create new metal objects at a lower cost.

Mining new metals from the Earth’s crust is a very invasive, costly, and time-consuming process. This, combined with the fact that metals are a finite resources, suggests that by recycling old metals, not only can everyone save a lot of money, but we can also waste less precious materials, resulting in more sustainable living all around.

The price depends on a number of factors. From the type of metal, through your location, the time of year, and the current market price, there are plenty of small elements that will influence the price you can expect for your scrap metal.

As with many other products, the price of scrap metal hinges on current supply and demand, as well as the cost of production.

As a general rule, all ferrous metals, such as engineering grade carbon steels and other types of steel, can be recycled.

Sadly, as per the latest legal regulations, scrap metal cannot be paid for in cash. However, we do offer a number of other payment services, all geared towards making your life easier, so you’re bound to find a payment method that’s agreeable with you.

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