Scrap metal prices

Scrap metal prices in the UK are in a state of constant flux, as they change in accordance with the global market. You can be sure that by trusting Trans Metal, you always get the best scrap metal prices. Even though the price of scrap changes on a daily basis, you can predict how it will change based on current market needs. If you want to find out the most up-to-date prices for scrap metal, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The money you get depends on the weight of your scrap metal. In order to determine the amount of money you’ll receive, we weigh your scrap on the spot using our precise weighbridge. You’ll get a printed receipt and the money will be wired to your account ASAP. We buy various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals – contact us to find out if we’ll take your scrap metal if you’re still having doubts!

*We do not accept old washing machines or fridges.

Copper£3.50 – £6.50 / kgCopper post-production waste, wires, pipes, heating system components and other electro-waste
Aluminium£0.60 – £1.40 / kgAluminium cans, automotive parts, sheet, gutters
Lead£0.90 – £1.30 / kgLead pipes, sheet, weights
Brass£2.00 – £3.50 / kgBrass fixtures, plumbing fittings, ornaments
Cables£0.90 – £3.00 / kgElectrical, coaxial, communication cables, USB, HDMI
Car batteries£0.30 – £0.40 / kgUsed lead-acid car batteries, automotive starting batteries, rechargeable batteries from vehicles
Stainless steel£0.80 – £1.40 / kgStainless steel pipes, kitchen appliances, automotive parts

Scrap metal prices FAQ

According to regulations, you can't get cash for scrap metal in the UK. You can read more about this in our article. At Trans Metal, we offer convenient and legal forms of payment with confirmation. We transfer the money directly to your bank account. You don't have to worry - we own the Scrap Metal Dealer Licence.

Copper is recognized as one of the most valuable and widely traded scrap metals. Its high demand, coupled with its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, contributes to its significant value in the scrap metal market. For more examples, see the article "Top 7 most valuable scrap metals".

The spring and summer months often see an increase in construction projects, infrastructure development and manufacturing activity, leading to higher demand for scrap metals. This increased demand can drive up scrap prices during these seasons. However, remember that scrap metal prices can fluctuate as they are influenced by many factors, including market demand and global economic conditions. It's best to monitor market trends and keep up with industry news. Feel free to consult with us to determine the best time to sell your scrap metal.