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Is scrapyard a business that’s worth millions?

On: Oct 5, 2018
By: TransMetal
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Generally, a good businessman is characterised as an individual that can generate profit quick and ideally, invest it back into the company. But there are also those that are willing to wait for the return on the investment. There’s no one proven definition on how to get successful, but there’s one undeniable fact – scrapyards have the materials that are worth a lot of money.

Selling what might be junk for one, turns out to be a lucrative income for others. If you use the right strategies in collecting scrap and maybe process them to different products, you can resell them with profit.

Why it’s worth to scrap?

The seller can get rid of his or her junk and get some money out of it, and the buyer can resell bought goods either by dividing them into parts or as a whole. Let’s not forget about the environmental profits of scraping, though! All of us have to work together on making our planet as clean and protected as possible. By recycling metals the companies are able to come up with a new line of products from already extracted from the earth. It’s very important to reuse the existing sources, as they boost the economy by adding new products without the necessity of mining for new raw materials. Thanks to recycling, the limited supply of metals are less exploited.

What to scrap?

Whether you decided on scrapping full-time or as a part-time hobby, you should be aware of which materials have the best cost per pound. First, one that comes to mind is a pioneer in conducting electricity, copper. It can take many different shapes and sizes and can be found in many electronic devices. You can find copper in:

  • computer wires
  • electric motors from microwaves, fans, power tools or lawn mowers
  • plug wires formTV’s, refrigerators and other appliances
  • water pipes

As you see, you can start scrapping by getting rid of some old home appliances of your own, or unburden your family and friends if they’re looking for a way to get rid of some things. Explain to them that even junk can be divided into profitable parts.

Any advice?

Don’t rely only on one market. For example, for a good part of the past few months, copper price has been fluctuating and generally is lower than usual. Be ready to move from market to market and wait for the steady level of the price.

So is scrapyard a business worth millions? Well, you probably won’t become a millionaire in a year, but you’ll definitely bring some good money back home! Metal can generate some extra cash, if you’ll be collecting it after hours or become your main source of income. Try it and make some changes in the environment and your pocket!

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