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Top 7 Most Valuable Scrap Metals

On: Dec 28, 2020
By: TransMetal
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You might be surprised to learn that scrap metals can be a significant source of income, especially if you are in the middle of home renovations or you have access to larger amounts of metal waste. Scrap metal collection allows you to help make natural materials available to manufacturers while generating extra income and getting rid of any hazardous objects near you. 

You should be aware that different types of scrap metal are valued at different rates and if your goal is to make money, then here are the top seven most valuable metals that you can take to your local scrap metal pick up.


Steel, stainless steel in particular, is a metal that is worth a trip to a scrap metal recycling facility. It is also a very common metal, you can sell old coat hangers, ladders, or pipes. Make sure to keep an eye out for a more valuable type of steel which contains other metals such as chrome, you might find it in your kitchen, as most metals used to manufacture kitchen equipment are steel. Some automotive parts can also be a great source of valuable stainless steel. Collect your steel and take it to scrap metal collectors London and you will get a hefty price for your metal waste.


You must already know that collecting soft drink cans is a way to collect a bit of additional income t for your household, but did you know that aluminium can be also found in awnings, gutters, and old bike frames? Another great source of this pricey metal, that you can then sell to scrap metal recycling London, is metal furniture, which is typically made out of aluminium. You don’t have to look any further than your own house to find significant amounts of aluminium to recycle.


Brass is one of the metals that are less popular, yet very easy to find in most households. Lamp fittings, taps, or doorknobs, these are all products that can contain brass. Brass is also frequently used in plumbing components, so when you replace your dishwasher, take out its pipes and exchange them for money.

In fact, most old items that glitter are most probably made out of brass, and you can take them to rubbish collection or waste removal and get a fairly high price.


Another metal that will be high on the list of scrap metal prices London is titanium. It is a lightweight, strong type of metal that you can find in electronics or sports equipment. It is less common to find, but most definitely worth looking for, as it has a high price point in metal recycling companies all over the country. No matter if it is scrap metal London or scrap metal Harrow company, you can count on a good deal due to the fact titanium is more difficult to obtain.


Copper is always worth a lot at a scrapyard, which is why it is one of the most stolen types of metals out there. Selling copper wires or pipes can turn out to be a very lucrative business for you.


One of the least common metals these days, because of the health risks associated with it, is lead, which is why you can count on considerable scrap lead prices when selling it. Noticeably old pipes in the basements or large car batteries are the places where you can find lead, and it is recommended that you remove them for your own safety.


Gold is the metal people tend to associate with great value, and it is for a reason. It is, however, considerably harder to come by. Older jewellery, coins or antiques are the prime sources of gold metal scraps. Scrap collection London will accept gold at a considerable price. 

Recycle the metals that you no longer use, and exchange them for money. Help the planet and profit at the same time. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

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