Scrap Metal Collection Kensington

Kensington is an affluent district of London with many high-value industries and businesses operating from there. Businesses and households in the area deserve high-quality metal collection for the scrap in Kensington from experienced metal collectors, and you’ve come to the exact right place for this service.

About Kensington

Kensington is one of the affluent districts near the heart of London. It has been historically significant for about a millennia with records going back as early as the late 10th century.

Kensington is home to a few significant monuments and locations like the Royal College of Music and the National Historical Museum.  The commercial heart of the district lies on Kensington High Street —  It is where the most demand for our services come from in this district.

Type of Scrap Metal Pickup Kensington

We remove, collect, and recycle various types of scrap metal of different types, sizes, and shapes. Whether you need a service for a few hours after home renovation or you want industrial-scale removal and collection solutions for your business, we offer services that cater to you and your needs.

Prices for Scrap Metal Recycling Kensington

We are not among the best scrap metal collectors Kensington solely due to our excellent services, but it is also because we also offer excellent prices for the scrap we collect. You’ll get the best deal for your scraps with Trans Metal.

Copper£3.40 – £4.40 / kg
Aluminium£0.50 – £1.20 / kg
Lead£0.70 – £1.20 / kg
Brass£2.00 – £2.70 / kg
Cables£0.90 – £2.50 / kg
Car batteries£0.30 – £0.40 / kg
Stainless steel£0.50 – £1.00 / kg

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