Scrap Metal Collection Fulham

Fulham has a long history being an industrial and business centre in London, dating back as far back as the 15th century. With this comes the necessity of high-quality, high-availability scrap metal pickup in Fulham. Trans Metal understands all that, and we’re committed to providing high-quality collection, recycling, and scraping services to every client. If you have scrap in Fulham you need to take care of, then you should contact us immediately.

About Fulham

Fulham is part of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is an area that has always been full of life, industry and business. Fulham High Street has been home to many important industries from paper making to car manufacturing and later aviation.

That’s why scrap metal collectors, Fulham are so important, and it is why we’ve made sure our business truly caters to the needs of people operating from the area.


Type of Scrap Metal Pickup Fulham

We recognize that people who require scrap metal collection/recycling/etc. have very different needs, requirements, etc., and that’s why, here at Trans Metal, we make sure we offer collection and recycling of various kinds of materials of different sizes, shapes, etc.

Prices for Scrap Metal Recycling Fulham

As we mentioned before, there’s a lot of demand for scrap metal recycling in Fulham, and standing out and providing the best service in the area is very important to us. This is why we are committed to providing excellent, fair prices for the scrap we collect.

Copper£3.40 – £4.40 / kg
Aluminium£0.50 – £1.20 / kg
Lead£0.70 – £1.20 / kg
Brass£2.00 – £2.70 / kg
Cables£0.90 – £2.50 / kg
Car batteries£0.30 – £0.40 / kg
Stainless steel£0.50 – £1.00 / kg

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