increasing sustainability through metal recycling

Increasing sustainability through metal recycling

On: Apr 27, 2018
By: TransMetal
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With global awareness in the fields of environmental protection at an all-time high, recycling has become not only expected, but a downright necessary part of our day-to-day lives. People all around do their best to lead an eco-friendly, sustainable life. However, there is always room for improvement, and when it comes to scrap metal, we all stand to gain by increasing the recycling rate of metals in various ways. But how can we make sure more people are inclined to recycle their scrap metal?

The first aspect that is worth focusing on in order to ensure an increased recycling rate is through marketing that approaches the people from a psychological angle. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to state that recycling is the more ethical choice available – we’ve all heard that time and time again and have become slightly desensitised to such notions. However, by approaching industries from a more reasonable standpoint to convince them that not only is using recycled metals better for the environment, but also by far the more cost-effective option, the results can be far more tangible. There are many methods and machines that make separating materials easier available on the market, but many are simply unaware of them – building awareness on the subject is a good way of ensuring increased sustainability.

Improving waste management and recycling infrastructure in developing countries can be one of the most crucial elements of ensuring that metals are used in a much more sustainable manner. Industrialised areas, on the other hand, the most important matter is ensuring that products with a high metal content, such as mobile phones and other electronics, are given means to be recycled properly. All too often are they simply disposed of in a dustbin instead of heading to a proper recycling facility, where their elements can be reused in the future. That’s why companies such as Trans Metal play an important role – by providing our clients with an easily accessible area to properly dispose of their old scrap metal, we can ensure faster, more reliable recycling for a more sustainable way of life throughout.

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