preparing scrap metal for sale

Preparing Scrap Metal for Sale

On: Nov 8, 2021
By: TransMetal
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Make more money from scrap!

Disposing of your scrap is not a good idea! You should know that when you do that, you are throwing out potential money. If you didn’t already know that, it would be best you had it in mind that you could sell scrap metal and earn from it!

Meanwhile, maximizing the best out of scrap takes little more knowledge than just selling them to scrap yards. You can make more when you prepare and sort scrap before selling them. And to do this, there are a few things you need to look out for. Not all scrap is of the same worth. This post will highlight some helpful tips to guide you in preparing your scrap materials for sale.

Preparing scrap metal- 3 USEFUL TIPS!

Here, let’s talk about how to prepare scrap for sale before taking it to the scrapyards;

The first step before taking metals for recycling knows what types of metal it belongs to. If you already scrap and sell metal, you should have observed that some metals look and feel different in appearance and weight. This is because all metals are not the same.

Ferrous metals contain carbon, iron, and other alloys. Some ferrous metals include steel, chippings, and iron shavings. Meanwhile, non-ferrous metals have different compositions, and they include brass, aluminum, brass, and copper.

There is a simple test to differentiate them between these, and this is called the Magnet test. Using a large magnet, you can sort out these metals before scrapping or recycling them. When your metal attracts to the magnet, it is a ferrous metal. They are usually lighter. In contrast, non-ferrous metals do not attract the magnet. They are heavier in weight and are more valuable than its counterpart.

When scrapping, you should look out for non-ferrous metals because that’s where the wealth lies. And knowing its worth will ensure that you aren’t cheated when you take it to a scrapyard.

Before taking the materials to scrap yard Wembley or any scrap yard, you should take time to clean them. You should remove the insulation, superfluous, and other debris that may have coated the metals. This increases the chance of your scrap being accepted at the scrap yard.

To clean the metals, you can get a metal spray cleaner or use the immersion technique. This will be dependent on the type of metal you have. Also, after cleaning or removing the coatings of metals (especially copper), it might lose some weight than it originally had. So, it’s best to estimate your scrap after cleaning them thoroughly.

The price of scrap is constantly fluctuating. Before scrapping, you should estimate the current money for scrap metal you could get. Knowing the market will enable you to understand how frequently it changes and the fluctuations in prices for each type of metal. Scrap metal prices correlate to local demand, as well as local quantity.

Final words

Now that you know how to sell scrap metal in the UK and get the most out of it, you should try it out. While selling and earning, you’re also contributing to maintaining an eco-friendly environment.  It’s a win-win!

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