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Metal Objects that are Perfect for Repurposing

On: May 8, 2019
By: TransMetal
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We live in a culture of consumerism. We were taught by our parents to sew holes in our clothes, make a laundry with vinegar to stop the colours from fading out and to carry around an old plastic bag to always be prepared for some shopping. An yet, the new trends of “take and throw away” has taken a toll on our way of living.

Why We Have to Change Our Ways

We are becoming too lazy to carry around water in a glass bottle because it’s “too heavy”, we refuse to carry around cotton reusable bags, as it’s easier to buy a plastic one. Well, it’s time to stop with such negligence. We’re facing the biggest climate change to date, and we owe our Planet some respect. If you own some gadgets that aren’t broken and can be repurposed, take the first steps to help the climate!

Tin Cans for the New Growth

Let’s start with something simple, that you can enjoy as you go. No one actually takes care to think about reusing cans when the top part is gone. How could you possibly repurpose it? After the throughout clean and making sure that the top edge is smooth, you can decorate it and use as a place to store change that you might need later or dirty brushes from your kids’ art class. You can even connect two or more cans and hang it as a decorative element.

But in our opinion, the best way to deal with leftover cans is to plant some herbs and small plants, like cuckooflower, or radish and broccoli sprouts You get to have organic additions for tasty salads, delightful sandwiches and other homemade meals. Are you ready for new quality food straight from your kitchen?

Cutlery for the Garden

If you have a garden and love to plant, you will be surprised, what can you do with the old cutlery you want to get rid of! Instead of buying labile paper panels or plastic labels to remember which plant is where recycle what you already have! If you combine a fork with a used and cleaned can lid, you can not only recycle old cutlery but also have sustainable labels that you can reuse over and over. That’s a great idea for nature and environment lovers.

Keys Instead of Frames

The modern and bold look doesn’t really favour family portraits hung on the wall, but fresh and clever accessories. If you’re not a fan of that modern art, and you don’t really understand why the painting with a few dots in the middle costs millions, choose some DIY. A few old keys, an old looking, stylized board, some time and strength to reshape them and hot glue can give you outstanding results! You can do a similar thing with can tabs, loose change or delicate sticks.

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