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What do you get by recycling aluminum?

On: Sep 14, 2017
By: TransMetal
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The benefits of recycling aluminium

Recycling is a pretty hot-button issue. We generate so much waste that we’re getting dangerously close to permanently damaging our ecosystem, endangering life both on land and in the sea. While plastic may be hard to recycle, aluminium is another matter entirely. There are a myriad of potential uses for old aluminium, and by utilising recycling, we can breathe a new life into it, saving tons of other lives in the process, while also saving money.

The aluminium industry is responsible for emitting millions of tons of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, on a global scale. This is a significant factor contributing to global warming. Aluminium smelting is also responsible for producing sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide, two key elements of smog and acid rain. Many new aluminium cans are manufactured every year in order to make up for those that haven’t been recycled, so by recycling you can help significantly reduce the amount of toxicity in the atmosphere.

Recycling aluminium is a very practical solution, as it can be recycled an unlimited amount of times. By implementing it on a large scale, we could maintain the level of aluminium we have at levels we need, while significantly reducing any negative consequences. Many aluminium cans are 100% recyclable, so no material is lost in the process. And since the process is now cheaper, faster, and more energy-efficient than ever before, it pays a lot more to recycle than to create new aluminium cans. Any aluminium can you recycle may end up in stores again in as little as 60 days.

Aluiminium recycling also carries a number of social benefits, as the billions of dollars that go into the production of aluminium cans can go to charity organisations and local schools that can support ongoing recycling programmes, creating a virtuous circle.

Start recycling today, and reap the benefits for many years to come! Aluminium has the potential to serve us for many years, no matter how many times it is recycled – let’s all make sure to not waste this opportunity to make the world a better place!

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