Best Examples of Recycled Metals

Best Examples of Recycled Metals

On: Oct 7, 2019
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In a world where every little battle in the fight for a good environment counts, recycling becomes one of the most important issues all around. With the resources draining and manufacturing being one of the biggest causes of global warming, recycling is now one of the biggest priorities for disposing of trash. Scrap metal recycling is one of the most important aspects of that, as metal’s use and reuse can have a particularly dramatic impact on the environment.

There are a myriad ways in which metal can be recycled and reused. Depending on the metal in question, it may even be recycled several times over. Here are some of the most prominent example of recycled metals in everyday life.


Many pieces of furniture feature metal elements and the good news is that a lot of it comes from recycled sources. As a lot of furniture for both interiors and exteriors utilise metals, that leaves a lot of room for this practical and eco-friendly solution in the field. Scrap metal can be used for the production of tables, lamps, chairs, benches, desks, as well as many other pieces of furniture. Be on the lookout when picking out furniture and always try to find the kind that’s made of recycled metal.

Food packaging

Though a lot of the food we buy is sold in packaging made of paper or plastic, there are actually quite a lot of tin cans on the market that are made from recycled metals. Whether it’s a can of tuna or a can of corn, the aluminium made that the packaging is made from has most likely already acted as packaging for some other food before it. And that’s a good thing, as the metal used here can be reused many times over, making food packaging one of the most recyclable products out there.



Lastly, not all of the uses of recycled metal have to be strictly practical. Recycled metal has been used as material for various art projects for many years now. What many people may consider trash may actually be transformed into works of beauty and intrigue that inspire various emotion in those that gaze upon them. Artists have no problem finding ways to deconstruct the world around us and give it new shape, and scrap metal is just one of the many mediums they use to achieve that.

Which metal can be recycled?

The vast majority of metals are recyclable. Whether it’s in the form of a can, an electrical part or a toy, it’s always important to make sure that the metal object you’re not using anymore will be put to good use later on. The list of metals that cannot be recycled is actually much shorter, including all radioactive metals (uranium and plutonium), as well as all items containing mercury or lead. Precious metals are a special case as they are definitely recyclable, but they’re usually much more precious in their unrecycled forms.

What metals are recycled the most?

Among the most commonly recycled metals are:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Tin
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