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What to do with electronic waste?

On: Sep 3, 2019
By: TransMetal
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With the climate becoming an increasingly big issue in the world nowadays, there is a big push all around for a more sustainable way of life. People have come up with many means of achieving that, from reducing the amount of meat they consume to cleaning the home with natural ingredients, but by far the most profound difference can be made by properly recycling all of your waste.

Now, this is quite simple if you’re talking about separating your organic waste from your plastics, paper, metals, etc. But there’s one category of waste that’s particularly problematic – electronic waste. Made out of a number of complicated substances, this waste can put a big damper on the environment if you don’t dispose of it in a proper way. But what exactly is the proper way?


Recycle, reuse

old mobile phones

If you’ve got a ton of old batteries and non-functioning mobile phones lying around, there’s nothing you can really do with it other than make sure that they are recycled properly. This is a crucial step, as many of the substances found within electronic waste can be toxic and harmful to the environment. 

Still, there is a positive motivating factor in this method. Many of the components of your phones and other electronics are actually quite valuable and chances are they can still be used in other devices. This goes in particular for the metals, as they’re often very highly sought-after conductors that can later be used to make new phones, monitors, laptops – you name it.

You could, of course, have your waste appraised by a scrap metal company – that way you can make sure that all of the metals within your electronics are later reused, which can help significantly reduce your carbon footprint. For other substances, definitely make sure you don’t just put them in a regular dumpster – make sure that you find a recycling point that will dispose of all your batteries in a safe and sustainable manner.



laptop, cell phone and other stuff

If you really want to make a positive mark on the environment, the best choice is always not to play the game. By reducing the consumption of electronics, you reduce the probability of any improperly removed waste contaminating the environment, resulting in cleaner air and more habitats for animals. Be mindful of how you use your electronics – make sure that you get the most mileage out of every phone, no matter how many trendy new devices get released in the meantime, and only get new electronics when you feel that you really need them.

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