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The best tools for metal scrapping

On: Jul 20, 2020
By: TransMetal
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Scrapping is easier with the right equipment – especially if you plan on regularly scrapping bigger items. To make this whole process more effective, you need tools that can help you separate different materials, clean them, and, finally, transport them to your chosen scrapyard in London or your local area. You need to keep in mind that not all types of metals are equally valuable – that’s why in order to get the best price, it’s better to sort your scrap by metals instead of keeping it all mixed up. But what are the most useful scrapping tools?

The best scrap metal tools:

Of course, every case is different, and not every situation requires using the same tools. Right from the beginning, try to create your own process – look for solutions that work best in your case. A lot will depend on the amount of scrap you plan on collecting and its type. Collecting everyday objects like food containers is significantly less complicated than taking apart electronic items or household appliances.


Metals can be divided into two main categories – ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This is one of the most important things when it comes to scrapping metal items because there are significant differences in prices between these two categories. You can easily find out which type you’re dealing with by using a magnet – it won’t show any reaction near non-ferrous metals as they don’t contain iron.

Basic tools

You don’t necessarily need any specialist equipment when dealing with your scrap metal collection, but some basic tools like a screwdriver or pliers may come in handy when you’re trying to take apart bigger items in order to separate different materials. But while useful, such tools will not always be enough – sometimes, it may just be easier to use a drill, so if you want to make your job more comfortable, it’s definitely something worth keeping at hand.

Wire cutters

Whether you’re going to find yourself needing a wire cutter depends on what you want to scrap, but it’s definitely worth keeping them in your toolbox just in case. And if you plan to regularly include wiring in your scrap metal collection, remember that most of it tends to be insulated. And since stripping wires can help you earn more money, in such a situation, investing in a good wire stripper may actually be a good idea.

Hand truck

One of the biggest problems as far as scrapping bulky items is concerned is the problem of transporting it, or simply moving it to a different place – sometimes you just need more space, and you don’t necessarily want to move your scrap piece by piece. In such a situation, a hand truck will solve all your problems. You’ll be able to move even some of the bigger items easily and comfortably from one place to another. And if you don’t have a way of transporting your scrap, remember that you can look for scrap metal removal services near you and arrange for such a company to come and pick it up from your own home.

Protective clothing

Even though scrapping isn’t particularly dangerous, you can still end up hurting yourself when dismantling appliances or cutting larger pieces of metal into smaller ones. In order to prevent dangerous situations, you should equip yourself with protective clothing and a pair of solid work gloves. This will make your work more efficient while keeping you safe.

With the right tools sorting and preparing your scrap for transport or a pickup won’t be an issue. Test different methods and solutions to find ways that will help you save time and make more money.

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